What not to eat during pregnancy

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Women are God’s greatest gift to the world,No women and there would have been no world to talk about. The greatest and most arduous time the woman goes through is her pregnancy.So to help women during their pregnancy,here are a few tips at What Not To Eat During Pregnancy or certain things which should be avoided.

1. Papaya : What comes to mind that papaya is a very health fruit,Yes but it should be avoided during pregnancy. Generally a normal ripe papaya is not a significant risk but an unripe or semi ripe papaya is a carrier of grave danger. A green papaya contains latex,a milky liquid which when consumed provokes uterine contraction.

2. Eggplant : Eggplant or Baingan as it is commonly known should also be avoided during pregnancy. Baingan is a diuretic containing very harmful phytohormones.

3. Sesame Seeds : Again doesn’t evoke any negative feeling but is very harmful. Sesame Seeds excite the uterine muscles leading to severe contractions.and eventual expulsion of the fertilized ovum. Stay away from Sesame Seeds.

4. Fennel and Fenugreek Seeds : Fennel,commonly known as Saunf and Fenugreek known as Methi Dana should also be avoided. Both are contraindicated in high doses. These contain phytoestrogens and consumption of either will again lead to uterine contractions.

5. Ajinomoto : Ajinomoto or similar flavour enhancers should be avoided at all costs as their intake destroys brain cells and prove harmful to the defeloping fetus brain.

6. Raw Vegetables: Do not eat raw vegetables or sprouts as they contain very harmful bacteria and viruses.

7. Canned Food : Canned foods should be avoided as the lining of the cans contains BisphomolA (BPA) which severely affects endocrine activity.

8. Nit rate Rich Foods : Such foods like sausages,bacon artificial sweetener should not be taken during pregnancy as they lead to abnormalities and poor development of the baby.

9. Sugar Rich n Fatty Foods : Sugar rich foods should be taken in the minimum as too much of sugar is bad for health while Fatty foods increase your cholesterol levels.

10. Street Foods : Tempting as they are but need to be avoided because their intake can lead to upset stomach and you run the great risk of food poisoning due to the unhygienic conditions.

11. Carbohydrates : Intake of Fibre,Breads and Pizzas can lead to painful constipation, steer clear ladies.

12 Licorice: Licorice or Mulethi as it is commonly known should be avoided as intake of the same leads to painful uterine contractions.

13. Leftovers: It is a complete No No because leftovers are carriers of any number of very harmful bacteria.

14. Vitamins : Do not take any vitamins without the expert advice of your Doctor ad an excess of Vitamins disrupts normal fetal development may even trigger pre-term labor.

So ladies take a serious note of all these things which help you along in your pregnancy to keep you lovely souls and your babies safe and sound. Happy and Healthy pregnancy to all.  Eat healthy Stay safe.

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