3 Ways to keep your Romance alive in the second trimester

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It can be tough to find time for romance with all the other things you are thinking about at this stage of your pregnancy. But you’ll have even less time after the baby arrives. Before that happens, you and your partner can do a lot of little things to enjoy time together – you might like going to see movies together or just cooking dinner or watching TV together.

Its important to make time for your partner and find ways to enjoy each other as a couple before you become parents. Neglecting your mutual need for romance, and physical intimacy, could put a strain on your relationship at a time when you need it to be stronger than ever, as you get ready to introduce a child
into your family.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep the romance alive in your second trimester of pregnancy:

1. Enjoy the simple things. Don’t always try to make big romantic gestures- they’re nice, but you may be too tired to pull them off. Just relish every moment together.

2. Go to the movies : If it’s your first pregnancy, you can go to the movies whenever you want. Everyone says this because it’s so true – unlike when it’s hard to asking someone to babysit just to go to the movies. And by the third trimester, you aren’t exactly feeling comfortable in the theater seating. Squirming and shifting in your seat when you’re almost nine months pregnant is no fun, and it will likely annoy those around you. So enjoy the movies while you can!

3. Talk to your partner about what’s comfortable for you in bed:   When you’re with your partner, dont be afraid to say what’s on your mind. Because then you can work through it, get past it, and get to the fun stuff. Since you’re likely not super comfortable on your back,try to let your partner know what positions you are comfortable in, and let him do more of the work.

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