Walking exercise for pregnancy

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The best exercise to begin with is a walking. It’s an ideal way to make sure that you’re getting the exercise you need in pregnancy. You can do this on a treadmill or with a partner. It is generally recommended that you avoid using treadmill while pregnant. The logic behind this is that it’s a machine. If you feel dizzy and are able to stop the machine, you risk an injury. It is best to put on your walking shoes and head out to the park for some fresh air and exercise.

How long should you walk?

A 30-minute daily walk during pregnancy is great. It builds stamina, improves blood circulation and flexibility and makes one feel great. However, if you feel tired after just 15 minutes, stop and rest. Make walking a regular habit – If you only walk now and then, you won’t get the benefits of regular exercise.

How fast should you walk?

Your speed is best determined by your body. Naturally, we first want to ensure that you are safe and do not fall or trip. So set a pace that keeps you safe. You should be able to walk and carry on a conversation. If you are walking alone, try humming a song. Remember, you should not be huffing or puffing, or be out of breath and unable to talk.

How much distance to cover?

Again, let your body decide as per your comfort level.  If you’re short on time, incorporate walking into your daily routine. Walk short distances rather than taking to the wheel, take the bus only part of the way, or use your lunch break to get outside and give your legs some exercise. If you have a high fitness level you can walk for longer than that. Just be sure to slow down or stop if you feel overtired, unwell, or feel any pain.

How to prepare for walking?

Wear comfortable walking shoes, light and flexible cotton clothes and carry a bottle of drinking water. It is important to stay well hydrated during any exercise session. While walking, hold your back straight, do not hunch and step forward with your heel first. Wear sunscreen and a hat if you’re walking on a sunny day

Before you start, do a few stretches to warm-up. Do not just stop abruptly. Slow down and then wrap up with a few stretches again to help cool down your body.


Do not walk on an empty stomach while pregnant. Always eat a light sandwich or or a piece of fruit before you begin. Obviously you must also not exercise after a heavy meal . Once you have completed your walking exercise and relaxation routine, have water and a small snack consisting carbohydrate. For instance, you could eat an egg or if it is mealtime, a meal consisting legumes and vegetables.

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