Time Management for Moms : The Definitive Guide

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Do you find yourself always rushing, being late or having no time for leisure pursuits? Do you feel if you’re getting cheated of your time? Do you think that some people seem to get more things done in a day? Do you put things off for tomorrow because there was no time to do them today? If so, you may be either trying to cram in too much activity into your day or you may need to start organizing your time.

1. Planning

Without well laid plans to give our time direction, we stagger from one thing to the next; trying as best we can to handle whatever comes up. Remember, companies, small businesses, schools and hospitals all have plans for how their systems will operate. Your job as a Mom should be no different. Planning increases your effectiveness. It helps you see exactly what you have done and what you will need to do. Planning helps you get the most important things done first, yet you will still be reminded of smaller jobs that need your attention. Some people believe that planning is a waste of time. Others fee that planning would make their life too structured. A plan does not fence you in. On the contrary, it is your road map to freedom.

Planning reduces worry and stress. When things are not written down, you have to keep making an effort to remember them so you won’t forget. When your mind is swimming with thoughts, you can’t completely enjoy yourself.

Another advantage of planning is that it keeps your momentum going. Whenever a job is completed, a quick glance at your written plan will speed you on the way to the next task or pleasure. Planning will also cut down on the many “What shall I do now” questions you would normally ask yourself throughout the day. Good time management will ultimately improve your quality of life.

Using a planner

The system, which works best in planning is a portable diary. A diary or a calendar provides you with one central location for reminders. Select a calendar that is large enough to record all the information you need, but small enough to carry around you. If you are mobile savvy, we’d recommend Google Keep or the Evernote App on your device.

Use your planner to write down all your personal and social appointments, as well as your children’s activities, parties etc. Use it to also write notes and reminders to yourself as soon as you think of something. Commit yourself to write in your planner daily and always keep it handy.

The Daily Page

The daily page is where you write down all your plans for the day. Your plans should work around these questions

  • What appointments do I have today?
  • What needs to be done around the house?
  • What goal can I work on today? Goals can be task related such as cooking in bulk, organizing a room or a personal one, such as finding time to read a book, engaging in our favorite hobby or giving yourself a beauty treat.
  • Is there anything on my to-do list that I can or should do today? Depending on the time available you can decide how many of these tasks can be done on that day.

2. Meal Management

“Whats for dinner?” is one of the questions many moms fear most. With careful planning, this will all become a thing of the past. Start by making a list of your family’s favorite meals and divide them into categories such as chicken, fish, pasta, soups etc.  Use the categories that make grouping dishes easiest and most convenient for your. These menu selection sheets serve many time-saving purposes.When you’re making up menu’s you will have all the possibilities right in front of you. This system is great for people who don’t like to decide every day what they’re going to cook.

3. Family & Socializing

Many moms seem to take on anything that comes down the road – running here and there, accompanying every school outing, having lunch with friends, doing voluntary work and keeping the household running. In order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, you have to choose carefully which family and friend commitments you get involved in.

Make sure you include rest and relaxation in your plans with family or friends. Schedule some time each day to switch off and hand over your kid’s responsibilities to your partner or immediate family.

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