Three Essential Nutrients for a Woman

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Women,the bearers of life, need to take great care of their personal health. They need to be extra careful regarding their intake of food. Accelerated growth during adolscence,menstruation and later the demands of pregnancy and lactation can result in an increased risk of low level of nutrients such as Iron,Folic Acid and Calcium.

Women in most cases are overworked; running a home, bringing up children, looking after the elderly and in most cases working outside from home and in certain cases from home to financially support the family. All this overload takes lot of them affecting her physical and mental well being. This needs to be addressed seriously.

To ensure a better physical state a healthy nutritious diet along with a healthy lifestyle are of prime importance for a woman.

The three essentials for a woman’s healthy growth are:

It is one of the most important needs of a woman more so at a child bearing age. Deficiency of Iron often leads to anaemia.It is essential that a diet comprising of food that is abundant in Iron and taken in substantial quantity.
Haem from hemoglobin is found in most meat products. Similarly green vegetables, baked beans and fortified breakfast cereals are other sources rich in Iron. Dietary sources of Vitamin C are complementary to good health.

2.Folic Acid:
Practically all women of child bearing age should consume additional quantity of Folic Acid to avoid complications during pregnancy.Folate is available from supplements and fortified food. In addition to the Folic Acid found in a wide range of foods such as raw green leafy vegetables.

A very important factor in the skeletal development during growth. Calcium is found in abundance in Milk,Cheese,Yoghurt and Green Vegetables. Most cases it is noticed that women tend to reduce the intake of Calcium in growing years which have a bad effect in the bones.

So women, wake up to the needs of your body and be extremely aware of what you need in your diet,
For the world to exist, women are of prime importance. Salute to womanhood.

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