Super simple foods to include in your pregnancy meal plan

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Eating healthy food while you are pregnant is essential. But if you have to spend a lot of time and effort in preparing it especially if you are working or live in a nuclear family, you might tend to overlook it.
Therefore, getting an understanding of what are the simple foods to include in your diet or meal plan is the key to ensuring that you actually end up including them into your meal plan with minimal effort.
Here are some suggestions which are different from the regular soups and salads that most people might tend to focus on as quick options. These can provide you with a variety to you in terms of ingredients as well as the requisite nutrients.

1. Roasted / Grilled Mixed Greens – Whether it is spinach, beans, peas or broccoli, each of these contain key nutrients that will help you. Therefore a simple roasting or grilling of these leafy greens with a sprinkling of seasoning and drizzle of oil, is simple and quick, yet nutritious.

2. Sprouted lentils/chickpeas – Sprouted a mix of the pulses/lentils or even a bowl of boiled protein rich chickpeas make for a simple yet delicious addition to your plan. These require minimal effort and can be prepared a day in advance as well.

3. Baked Veggie Crackers – You might feel the urge to eat junk packaged food such as chips or wafers. But there is a simpler and healthier way to avoid those. Just a set of thinly sliced sweet potato and even beetroot can be placed on your baking tray, drizzled with just a tablespoon of oil and seasoned, can result in crisp chips with healthy vegetables containing the requisite nutrients.

4. Baked Fruit Crumbles – For those who have a sweet tooth and crave for this during their pregnancy, try to focus on the fruits in season and use them well. Look beyond the regular bowl of chopped fruits and bake a quick and easy fruit crumble. All you need are chopped fruits such as apples, pears, strawberries and so on. Sprinkle a little bit of cane sugar and a drizzle of melted butter, add a spoonful of nuts or oats to make them crispy and that’s your quick-fix baked fruit crumble.

So just remember that eating during pregnancy is not about following the regular pattern. You can mix and match the ingredients, vary the style of cooking and incorporating elements like roasting, grilling and baking into your cooking approach. These are much healthier than frying or even sauteing.

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