Is it safe to travel during pregnancy?

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travel during pregnancy

It’s usually safe to travel during pregnancy. Being pregnant shouldn’t bar you from traveling. If you’re going on a business trip or want to take a vacation, there are many ways you can stay healthy and safe when traveling during pregnancy.

Women who have a healthy pregnancy don’t have a problem with travel. But it is essential that you talk to your doctor before planning any trip. If you have a complicated pregnancy with a health condition, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, or previous early birth your doctor may suggest you limit travel.

When is the best time to travel during pregnancy?

You may find that your second trimester of pregnancy ( weeks 14 to 27 ) – is the best time to travel. At this time, you may not have morning sickness and your energy levels are definitely higher then they were at the beginning of your pregnancy. Moreover, during the second trimester, you’re also less likely to have a pregnancy emergency, such as miscarriage or early labor.

Is it safe to travel by plane?

If you’re planning on travelling by plane, you should discuss this with your doctor or primary care provider. Before you book your flight tickets, check with your airline and insurance company that they will allow you to travel while pregnant. As stated earlier, if your pregnancy is healthy, you can travel by plane. Here are some tips to stay healthy and safe, while you are up in the air:

  • Seating: Choose an aisle seat so you don’t have to climb over other passengers when you need to get up to use the restroom or walk around.Choose sitting towards the front of the plane.
  • Food & drinks: Drink plenty of water and avoid aerated drinks. Don’t eat foods that may cause gas simply because gas in your belly can expand at high altitudes and make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Clothing: Wear loose, comfortable clothing.  Sitting for long stretches of time during any kind of travel raises your chances of having deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Ask your health care provider if you should wear support stockings during your flight. They may help prevent DVT. Avoid support stockings if you have diabetes or problems with blood circulation.
  • Safety: Fasten your seat belt when you’re in your seat. This can help keep you from getting hurt in case of turbulence.
  • Ask for help:  If you feel sick or very uncomfortable during your flight, do not hesitate to inform the flight attendant and seek medical help.

Is it safe to travel by car during pregnancy?

Whether you’re the taking the driver’s seat or being a car passenger, it’s perfectly alright to travel by car when you’re pregnant. Follow our tips while traveling by car during your pregnancy

  • Seating & safety: At all times, wear your seat belt. Tilt your seat and move it as far as possible from the dashboard or steering wheel. If you’re driving, though, make sure you can reach the foot pedals.
  • Long drives: Limit your driving to 5 to 6 hours per day. Take frequent breaks on your trip and spread longer trips into several days with shorter drive times each day.
  • Food & drinks: During long drives, drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks to get out of the car to walk around and stretch.
  • Clothing: Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. You should wear support stockings to lower your risk of DVT – but ask your doctor first.
  • Help: If you’re in an accident, get medical help right away.

Is it safe to take the train during pregnancy ?

Train travel is quite a safe way to travel during pregnancy. Many pregnant women in India choose the metro or local trains while traveling to work. Usually, the second trimester of pregnancy is most suited for train travel as you might not feel nauseous with the rocking motion of the train.


  • Daily commute: For your daily commute or short trips, try to find a seat facing the direction of travel. This will makes you feel more comfortable. If there is a reserved compartment for people with disability or pregnant women, choose to travel in it.
  • Long-distance journeys: For longer journeys, you’ll find the lower berth a more comfortable option. If you can’t get a lower berth, try speaking to the concerned railway official or ticket collector (T.C.) on board to help you swap berths with fellow passengers. The Indian Railways provides a quota of 2 lower berths in AC2, AC3 and sleeper coaches. You can avail this by submitting a certificate of pregnancy by licensed medical practitioner.
  • Clothing: Loose, easy-fitting cotton clothing is best while traveling by train. Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear like sneakers which make it easier to maintain your balance in a moving train. Carry a light shawl or a sweater if the air-conditioning gets too cold for comfort.
  • Toilets: When you visit the toilet, be careful about maintaining your balance. It is best to use the Indian toilet (squat toilet) to maintain hygiene. Always wash your hands well afterwards.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at home and avoid travel. It’s time to get mobile and wear your travel hat!


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