How to prepare for pregnancy exercises

Ashwini MaratheFitness, Prenatal Exercises

Making exercise a regular habit throughout your pregnancy can help you gain more stamina for labor and delivery. Working out during your pregnancy helps you gear up for a much quicker and fitter post-baby body. 

Proper preparation is essential for you to get an enjoyable workout. So before you get down to exercising, make sure that you prepare well for exercising. Here are some of our tips:

Wear the right gear: If appropriate, you should wear several layers of clothing. This will enable you to remove layers as you feel warmer. Make sure that you wear a good supporting bra, or two bras, to minimize breast movement during exercises. All the exercises except for the aerobic one’s  can be performed bare-footed or in trainers. Avoid wearing socks as you may slip.

Keep drinking water: Ensure that you have some water nearby so you are able to take small sips during your workout to prevent dehydration. Have a longer drink once you’re finished with your exercise routine.

Eat before your workout: Try to eat a light meal based on complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes, three or more hours before exercising. This will give you plenty of energy for your workout. If you exercise on an empty stomach you may start to feel dizzy or if you eat immediately before working out, you may suffer from heartburn. Follow your workout with a healthy snack, such as a banana or a sandwich.

Have enough space and equipment: Ensure that your exercise area is free of furniture and other obstructions. You will need sufficient space to move in all directions freely and to lie down on the floor. Keep a high-backed, sturdy chair nearby or clear a stretch of wall to use as support during the standing exercises. You may need a towel or mat for the floorwork and some small hand weights cans of food will do! A resistance band may also be hand

Avoid interruptions: Take your mobile phone off the grid. This is your personal time, and once you get going, you won’t want to stop. Avoid interruptions during your workout to get into a zone

Choose motivational music: This can help you to get in the mood and make exercise more fun, but it must have a steady, moderate beat to encourage careful movement. If you exercise to music that’s too fast, you risk damaging your joints and muscles. If you’re not sure your music is suitable, keep the volume low; background music will increase your enjoyment and you could even sing along!

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