Pregnancy Heartburn: Foods that provide relief from acidity in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Heartburn

As you proceed in your pregnancy, acidity and heartburn will start setting in. Taking small and frequent meals is definitely one way to reduce that or keep it in check. In addition to that, wearing airy and loose-fitting clothes also helps. However, there are some foods or drinks that can further ease the discomfort that you experience due to this phenomenon.

Lemon Juice – I have found that lemon juice with a small amount of sugar, particularly if it is cold, works very well to reduce the acidity. It soothes the stomach as well as helps in digestion of food.

Cold Milk – Cold milk (unless you are prone to respiratory problems ) helps in keeping the heartburn in check.  You can have it as is, without any additives.

Ginger – Ginger is also helpful to reduce acidity, but only in moderation. So you can try to have ginger tea or ginger-honey tea occasionally to keep that in check. But keep the tea consumption low since the caffeine causes acidity as well.

Smoothies – Liquids are usually helpful when it comes to reducing acidity since they move through the stomach passage faster. So explore the recipes for healthy smoothies or milkshakes that can ease this heartburn, help you maintain your nutrition levels and also satisfy hunger pangs.

Yoghurts – Yoghurts, plain or flavoured, are helpful when it comes to reducing acidity. So do explore this option and check out if it works for you.

Fennel Seeds – Chewing a bit of fennel seeds (saunf) after meals, will help ease up the indigestion or the feeling of acid reflux.

Almonds –  Almonds are not only a good source of nutrition, but also effective when it comes to reducing stomach acids. So having almonds serves a dual purpose.

Coconut Water – One of the things I found particularly helpful for me was coconut water. It has a high level of minerals and vitamins and has an overall cooling effect. So consumption of this again serves two functions – provides nutrients and reduces heartburn.

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