Precautions to take during pregnancy

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If you are expecting, I am sure you would be bombarded with Do’s and Don’ts! If you are in India, I am sure you would have many experts at home! They will guide you for all small things but there are few more things which is ignored most of the times.

This article will give you insights about everything that is neglected.

(1) Lack of water intake (Dehydration)

– Lack of water intake leads for fatigue in first 2 trimesters.
– Water is very important in the first trimester to develop amniotic fluid which allows the baby to float.
– If the water intake will be less, proper fluid will not be formed which cause obstruction for the baby to float which might lead to deformities in formation of hands and legs
– In third trimester, lack of water intake can lead to pre term labor.

(2) Wrong exercises

– You need some amount of exercises even during your pregnancy but most of the women tend to do it wrong.
– Walking is the best exercise if you do not have any trainer to guide you.
– Do not put pressure on your abdomen or back.
– Do some upper body strengthening exercises with expert guidance only, not otherwise.

(3) Skipping vitamin and mineral supplement doses.

– Iron and folic acid supplements causes constipation which makes most of the expecting mom’s skip it.
– Both of these supplements are extremely important for proper growth of your child. Do not miss it at any cost.

(4) Intercourse

– Every person has different views on this and every expecting mom faces different issues.
– Gentle intercourse is okay but get in touch with your doctor about the do’s and dont’s

(5) Long working and sitting hours

– Lot of sitting can lead to unavoidable back ache. Please take small frequent breaks and stretch yourself.
– Long working hours can put a lot of mental stress, happy breaks are important!

(6) Long air travels

– You can travel before you complete 35 weeks of your pregnancy but not beyond that.
– Long air travels puts a lot of stress on the blood circulation which might lead to pre term labor.
– Expecting moms which have complications like hypertension and gestational diabetes should get in touch with their doctor before flying (Even before you complete 35 weeks)

(7) Low calcium intake despite of supplements

– Despite of calcium supplements, expecting moms still be deficient in calcium.
– You need around 800-1000 grams of calcium everyday during your pregnancy.
– Along with the supplements, add dairy products like tofu, yogurt, cheese, tofu, milk.

(8) Intake of tea and coffee

– Everything in moderation is okay but studies have shown that excess of tea ad coffee during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage
– 20 mg per day is the allowance for tannins and caffiene.

(9) Renovation which includes painting

– Paints have some amount of lead in it.
– Lead can easily pass from expecting mom to the unborn baby even with inhaling which might lead to miscarriage.
– Expecting moms should stay away from such renovation places

(10) Popping up OTC pills without doctor’s approval

– Usually we tend to pop up an aspirin or antacid with slightest head pain or acidity.
– This is not allowed for an expecting mom.
– Every medicine she pops up needs to have doctor’s approval on the same.

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