Postpartum Diet for Mothers

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Woman hail thou,after a nine month period of extreme discomfort and several complications you have yet again brought in another life into this world.A salute to the entire womanhood. Well now having brought your baby safely into this world as almost all Moms do your entire attention 24×7 goes into looking after the numerous needs of a newly born towards which each mom is truly dedicated. But what happens in the process is that you dont realise what your body has gone through and it really deserves as much attention if not more than your newly born.

So here are a few tips on your nutrition post pregnancy so that you too may remain healthy and robust so as to look after your new born.

1. Oats:
Oats are a great source of Iron,Calcium,Fibre,Carbs and Proteins which are absolutely essential for your recovery process post pregnancy.The intake of oats also helps you avoid constipation. You can have your oats with milk,nuts n Fruits to make it easier n tastier for you.

Turmeric or Haldi as it is commonly known is a rich source of various essential vitamins like vitamin B6 n 12 as also Fiber,Potassium,Magnesium,Manganese. As is known turmeric helps heal internal as well as external wounds.

It helps reduce inflammation and heals post pregnancy wounds.The intake of turmeric also helps relieve stomach disorders.

3.Pulses & Lentils:
These are a great source of providing much needed Fibre,Protein,Vitamins and Minerals to your body which is on the road to recovery. These also help prevent fat from collection in your body.

4. Dry Ginger Powder:
Saunth, as it is commonly known is again a very good source of Fibre,Vitamins B6 and E,Magnesium, Potassium,Selenium and Manganese. The intake of Saunth helps as an anti inflammatory.

5. Carom Seeds:
Ajwain as it is commonly known provides your body with Thymol which helps reduce gas n indigestion and also cleanses the uterus.

6. Finger Millet:
Or Mandua or Ragi as it is commonly known is very rich in Calcium and Iron and helps you maintain your strength post pregnancy.

7. Almonds:
They are a rich source of Carbs,Fibre,Vitamins 12B n E and minerals lik e Magnesium,Copper,Manganeese,Potassium,Calcium n Zinc. The intake of Almonds goes a long way on your road to recovery after childbirth.

8. Green Vegetables:
As always Green Vegetables are a prime source of Iron which is in abundance in green vegetables like Spinach,Beans,Lotus Stem,Fenugreek etc;

9. Black & White Sesame Seeds: 

These are full of Calcium,Iron,Copper Magnesium and Phosphorous which help replenish essential minerals in your body.

So women, thy noble soul while taking full care of the nourishment of your new born please do not ignore your own bodily requirements essential for your recovery post pregnancy. A healthy woman means a healthy world. Happy and Quick recovery Women.

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