Post Pregnancy Diet Essentials

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As we all know, our bodies undergo tremendous amount of change during the 9 months of pregnancy. There is a loss of some nutrients that takes place and committed effort to replenish those should be made. It can be very tough to make that effort for your own health especially if you live in a nuclear family and are the sole care-giver of the new baby or if you are a working mother balancing motherhood and work.

So here are a few basic essentials that you can keep in mind and follow so that you can take care of your own health simultaneously in quick but important ways through your nutrition.

  1. Focus on variety from all food groups – You need to regain nutrients from different food groups, that is proteins, carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamins. So make sure that your daily intake has portions from all of these. It might be difficult to follow on a daily basis in the initial days or weeks after child birth, but do try to focus on that in a way that at least once in 2 days your diet plan has this approach factored in.
  2. Fluids – Your body needs a high fluid intake particularly since you are breastfeeding as well. So make an effort to incorporate different fluids such as water, milk( non-dairy if you have an allergy), juices, coconut water and so on.
  3. High-fiber diet – Your digestive system also needs to normalize after pregnancy and the significant changes due to it. So continue to follow a high fiber diet of fruits, vegetables and cereals like oats or wheat dalia which are extremely nutritious and highly fibrous too.
  4. Calcium Rich Food – Your bones need to regain their calcium and Vitamin D levels. So do include at least some portions of calcium rich food into your daily intake, to prevent your body from having issues such as brittle bones or osteoporosis which are common in women, in the future.
  5. Healthy Carbohydrates – Make a conscious decision to consume healthy carbohydrates rather than the usual sources. Example, instead of white rice, try to eat brown, red or even black rice. All of these are much better sources of carbohydrates.
  6. Ajwain / Carom Seeds – This is a great ingredient to keep the gas and indigestion in control. It is also supposed to facilitate breast milk production. So including this in your food in small portion, eating a little bit as is with water or adding it to your drinking water and boiling,  are some simple ways to include it into your intake.
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