Why new Moms need strength training

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Although it’s true that most new mom’s rank weight loss at the top of their wish lists for getting back in shape after having a baby, they will also tell you that it’s not just about shedding those extra pounds of baby fat. As a mother in the postpartum phase, you are experiencing many emotional and physical changes that also demand attention. Feeling and looking better or “getting your body back” extends well beyond the concern about losing unwanted kilos. And that’s where strength training plays an important role.

Here are three major benefits of strength training for moms:

Strength training reduces your risk of injury: Meeting your baby’s constant needs is challenging enough without also nursing an injury, especially one that could have been avoided. The fact of the matter is that you need muscle to handle the demands of being a new mom. Most babies double their birth weight by 5 or 6 months and triple it in a year.Will you be able to lift and carry a toddler who is 10-12 kilograms? Apart from picking up and holding your growing infant, you are lugging around an awkward stroller and slinging a stuffed baby bag over your shoulder wherever you go. It’s no wonder you are particularly susceptible to  aggravating old injuries or developing new one’s. Strength training – even just a few day a week will help you keep away injuries by creating stronger muscles all over your body, including those that surround injury-prone joints.

Strength training eases common postpartum discomforts: You’ve just experienced nine months of body altering pregnancy and delivering a baby and now you are functioning on little sleep while managing your 24 x 7 parenting duties. Chances are, you are facing one or more post pregnancy discomforts such as neck and back aches, sore wrists and more. The right strength training and stretching exercises can help a lot.

Strength training boosts your body image: it’s no secret that any amount of exercise makes you feel almost instantly better about how you look. This can have a positive impact on your self-confidence, and not just in terms of body image. Mentally, you feel more confident about your abilities to carry out activities like collapsing a stubborn stroller or scooping up a squirming one-year old without arching your back. If you are experiencing incontinence, you may feel comforted to know that pelvic floor strengthening exercises can help reduce or alleviate the problem.

Plus a nice bonus of having more muscle from doing resistance training allows you to burn more calories at work, at play and even during rest periods. The more calories you comfortably and safely burn each day, the faster you’ll lose unwanted pregnancy kilos.

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