Is it safe to travel during pregnancy?

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travel during pregnancy

It’s usually safe to travel during pregnancy. Being pregnant shouldn’t bar you from traveling. If you’re going on a business trip or want to take a vacation, there are many ways you can stay healthy and safe when traveling during pregnancy. … Read More

Is it safe to drink Alcohol during pregnancy?

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Medical experts are not sure how much alcohol is safe for you to have while you’re pregnant. Some doctors recommend that you completely cut out alcohol when you’re expecting, whereas others say that occasional light drinking … Read More

Head to Toe Self Massage

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Massage is invigorating and you can do it for yourself. Just follow these easy techniques: Head For a relaxing scalp massage to drain away the day’s tensions and leave you feeling relaxed and alert, place … Read More

Why choose Health Check Ups during Pregnancy

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When you are pregnant, it is imperative for you to have regular health check ups with a doctor or visit a diagnostic center. These check-ups are called antenatal care or antenatal visits, antenatal meaning before birth. Here … Read More

DIY Facial for Moms

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Part of kick-starting a healthy lifestyle is taking good care of yourself, in little ways and big ways. One of the ways of feeling rejuvenated is to treat yourself to a facial. Since our face … Read More

Sleep Strategies for a New Mom

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Say good-bye to eight straight hours of sleep at night. We feel really sorry to tell you this, but this month you might be lucky if you get two or three hours in a row at … Read More

How to deal with morning sickness

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Morning sickness is a silly term. Sure, you must have felt sick in the morning – and the rest of the day, too. It is no fun. Pregnancy-related nausea stinks, and there’s not much you … Read More

Garbh Sanskar

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Garbh Sanskar during pregnancy

As per our Vedas a child’s mental  development starts as soon as he is conceived.  In 6000 year old Mahabharata, Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu learnt how to enter the Chakravyuha while in the womb.  Modern science … Read More

How to Feed and Wear Your Baby the Right Way

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New parents need to be aware that the means they choose to feed or carry their babies has postural effects on both themselves and their children. A nervous system stressed by a compromised structure will affect … Read More

How to dress before pregnancy

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You’ve been dressing yourself for  long time and your body hsn’t started changing due to pregnancy yet, so do you really need fashion advice now? May be, yes. Fashion is important. Like it or not, … Read More