How to nurture yourself after having a baby

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Women are natural caretakers and work, home and all our other responsibilities take priority over taking care of our own needs, as we give much of our time and energy to others.

One of the most challenging times for a woman is following the birth of a baby. particularly the first child. The birth process is a mixture of emotions excitement, fear, joy, fascination. In the first few weeks and months, the adjustments to motherhood are huge and while much of it comes naturally, it is important to be prepared in order to cope effectively.

The meaning of nurture

Nurture means to take care of self, to give time to self, to nourish, to cherish and cultivate. Just as we nourish and feed our physical body, we also need to nourish other aspects of ourselves. Just as we cherish others, we need to cherish ourselves. The opposite would be to disregard, ignore, or neglect the self. Self-nourishment is important for various reasons.

Why is it important to nurture ourselves?

If we don’t take care of ourselves, in time we will we deplete of energy, patience, creativity and relationship skills. We find that we have little to give to others because we have not taken the time to take care of ourselves. Nurturing ourselves increases our chances of success in all of our relationships. It makes us happier, more fulfilled, and more effective in our lives. Following the birth of a baby, it is important to take care of ourselves so that we can give our best to that new bundle of joy.

Areas of nurture
We need to nurture ourselves in the following areas: Physical, Psychological/Emotional, Social, and Spiritual.

These elements are interrelated and impact upon each other. If we balance our lives in such a way as to take care of each of our needs, we will experience wholeness and serenity. We must also do this in a way that is moderate and

How do we nurture ourselves?
There is no right way or one perfect solution to nurturing the self. Nurturing is specific to each person and is both personal and intimate. The ways that we are nurtured reflect our deepest wants and needs. You can try to remember times in which you felt nurtured and loved and create a list of those times (or places or people). Gradually, accumulate a list of events, people, and things that feel nurturing.

The following suggestions may help to get you started: go for a walk by the beach, take a relaxing bubble bath
join a club or organization, develop a new hobby, take a nap. As you begin the process, you will find that the
list is never ending.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy your new baby!!

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