How to dress before pregnancy

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You’ve been dressing yourself for  long time and your body hsn’t started changing due to pregnancy yet, so do you really need fashion advice now? May be, yes. Fashion is important. Like it or not, what you wear speaks volumes about who you are. When you get pregnant, and then after you have a baby, it’s not always easy to pull together a great look, especially if you are not confident about what works for you. Take this opportunity – when you’re not yet carrying round extra pounds and you don’t have a crying baby demanding your attention – to get your style act together.

Know how to dress to impress: We definitely advocate comfort clothes. When you are going out on the town, practice putting a little effort into how you come across. When you’re dealing with a weeks-old baby, you might not have it in you to pull together a whole ensemble, so while you don’t have any excuses, step it up a notch!

Clean out your closet: Make room for maternity clothes, and get rid of all the stuff you’ll never wear again. You know there are pieces hanging around in there that should never see the light of day. Why are you clinging to them? Give it away or donate it. Rip it off like a Band-Aid! Invite a friend over to help you with the tough decisions.

Don’t go on a shopping spree right now: Your body is going to change soon, so why spend a lot of money on pieces you won’t be able to wear for the next year? You might not like them anymore when they do fit again. Go through your closet post clean-out , try things on, and figure out what style resonates best with you. Do you like cashmere sweaters and pearls? Or funk t-shirts? Or girly dresses? This is the time to recognize and own your style. Then when you’re shopping for maternity clothes, keep that fashion sense in mind.

Are you waiting for a miracle to happen? Bring out the fashionista in you right away!

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