How to avoid gestational diabetes

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How to avoid gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a common issue during pregnancy. Even for those who do not have a history of the same, this can be a worrying developing during this stage. How to avoid gestational diabetes? It is important to be proactive and work towards ensuring that one can avoid it.

However, even despite our best efforts, it might set in. In that case, make sure to visit your doctor and understand how to address it, not just through medication but also through dietary changes.

I am sharing some guidelines based on what I followed and was told about, from my doctor as well as family members. Needless to say, this is nutritionist or doctor-approved advice, so please use your discretion in applying the same to yourself.

1. Consuming the right amount and kind of carbohydrates – Understanding which kind of carbohydrates can lead to increased blood sugar, and consuming accordingly is the key. The amount of daily intake should be observed. So make sure to do your own research and work out a plan for the same.

2. Spreading the meals through the day – Spreading your food intake over the entire day with optimal gaps is also a good practice to keep the blood glucose in check.

3. Choosing the right fruits – Fruits are a great source of nutrition but make sure you research well and choose the ones that are going to increase your sugar levels. So remember to eat fruits but the right kinds. If you do happen to like a fruit that has the tendency to increase your sugar levels. Also try to avoid fruit juices and have the actual fruit instead.

4. Including high fiber and protein-based food – Include the high fiber and protein based food items so that those can balance out the carbohydrates , since they do not contribute to the blood sugar to that extent.

5. No /Limited desserts – If you have a sweet tooth or have a craving for sweets during this time, it is important to speak to your doctor on how to keep that restricted or what might be the suitable alternatives so that gestational diabetes can be avoided.

So be aware of the ways in which you can actually make some changes to your diet and avoid gestational diabetes from setting in. These will also ensure that you continue to maintain your nutritional intake as before.

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