Healthy Eating Tips – from one expecting ( erstwhile!) mom to another

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When I began writing this article, I had to rewind back to the time when I was pregnant. What struck me most
was that knowingly or unknowingly, most friends and family tend to advise an expecting mother about her nutrition! The meal plan she follows is the subject of much debate and discussion. It is also a unique combination of traditional insights, doctor’s advice and in today’s times, her own online research of what is most beneficial for her and the baby.

Each phase of pregnancy requires a different approach to what constitutes healthy eating and the right sources of nourishment. In subsequent pieces I will get to that too – but for now, I wanted to give you some broad level guidelines that will help you define your food intake wisely while continuing to keep it healthy. This is from my
own perspective and not a doctor’s, but that’s what one needs at times – the viewpoint of another expecting mother.

1. Its never too late to start eating healthy !
No matter what everyone says about making sure that you eat healthy from the moment you discover your pregnancy, at times we tend to forget about it because of our work schedules, our household chores or managing your older child. But it is never too late to start eating healthy , so even if you haven’t done it from Day 1, now is as good a time as any. Don’t feel guilt because another expecting mother may have started it before you. Your emotional well-being is as important as the nutrition aspect.

2. All Food Groups are important!
It is a myth that only some key food groups need to be focused on during pregnancy. All food groups are important. The required intake from each is different but comprehensive nutrition is all about ensuring that you list out what types of food items are you eating, from the various groups – proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

3. Smart eating is what expecting mothers should focus on!
You will gain weight during pregnancy. But you are not required to eat for two – that is a misconception. So in order to ensure that your weight gain remains optimal work on a meal plan that ensures that you are receiving all the requisite nutrients without unnecessary weight gain that comes from unplanned eating which does not even incorporate the nutrition value.

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