Kundalini Yoga for Pregnancy

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Kundalini yoga is said to be the most powerful yoga ever known and considered the mother of all yogas’. While yoga is well known for its myriad of benefits to your health it is particularly … Read More

Yoga for different stages of pregnancy

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The duration of a pregnancy is usually divided into three trimesters, each consisting of three months, and a fourth, postnatal trimester. However, for the purposes of yoga practice, we  divided the pregnancy weeks into four stages, … Read More

ACOG Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines

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ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) is considered to be the world authority on obstetric-related information and, for prenatal exercise, we follow their guidelines to ensure the well being of the expectant mother and child. These are: Regular … Read More

Deep breathing exercises during pregnancy

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Deep breathing exercises during pregnancy will help you develop lung capacity. During pregnancy, your uterus grows, and it crowds against your rib cage, causing you breathlessness.  Practicing deep breathing will reduce breathlessness you usually encounter in the third … Read More

Dancing during pregnancy. Is it safe?

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Yes, dancing during pregnancy is safe! It is one of the ways of keeping you flexible, healthy & stress free.  Not only do you get to groove to music you love, dancing during pregnancy will help you tone … Read More