Fiber rich diet for the second trimester of your pregnancy

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Having a fiber-rich diet, particularly in the second trimester as you start gaining weight and the abdomen is under pressure is essential. The digestion also slows down to some extent and the amount of exercise one can do in this phase is extremely limited. Therefore it is a good idea to work on options that will help your digestive system and metabolism continue to work at an optimal rate.

Oats ( or more importantly Dalia) – Oats are a known source of fiber. So incorporating them into your meal plan is a good idea. But the packaged oats we get in shops tend to be mainly processed and can contain a high degree of preservatives. So it is important to actually use broken wheat or Dalia rather than packaged oats unless you are able to purchase oats from a reliable producer where the preservatives are kept to a minimum.

Fruits and Vegetables – Many of the fruits and vegetables are high on fiber. But a few which are very highly rich in fiber are broccoli, green peas, carrots, spinach and sweet potato. Do try and find ways to include at least 1-2 of them in your regular meals. Fruits which are high on fiber are pears, strawberries, figs and apples. You can even eat coconut which has great nutritive values and high levels of fiber.

Nuts and Seeds – Nuts, primarily Almonds and Walnuts have high content of fiber. Including a few in your diet each day will help you improve your intake of the same. In seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds are very good sources – so you can possibly combine the nuts and seeds to have them together in a salad or even add a mixed powder of these to home-baked biscuits that you might like consuming.

Other grains and lentils – Using wholegrain flours ensures that their fiber elements are retained. Our Indian meals involve the use of a variety of lentils, which are also high in fiber and support metabolism. So do ensure that your complete meal includes 2 portions of lentils each day to be able to get the requisite amount of fiber as well as protein. In grains, brown and red rice are as important as wholewheat. So you can use those instead of white rice to notch up your fibre quotient for the day. The rice and lentils can be combined to make interesting breakfast as well as lunch or dinner dishes which will retain your nutrition levels.

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