Fashion for your first trimester of pregnancy

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The first trimester isn’t the most fun in terms of getting dressed. Your baby bump hasn’t popped yet, so you’re not going to wear cute maternity clothes. But you are probably feeling bloated – this is normal becase all your fluid levels go way up as soon as you get pregnant – so your regular clothes may seem smug or unflattering. Not only are you tired and nauseous, but now you have to deal with your wardrobe issues.

Here are some of our tips for staying stylish in the first trimester of your pregnancy:

  1. Wear some clothes one size up fomr your normal size. This works best with tailored pieces, like structured jackets and menswear-style shirts (with feminine cuts offcourse!)
  2. Go for dark colors, especially on the bottom.
  3. Avoid baby-doll-style tops a this point if you don;t want people guessing you are pregnant.
  4. Try a tunic top. It has a slim line but doesn;t cling in the middle, and it hides the high-bloat areas well. Pair it with leggings or narrow jeans.
  5. Wear a knit, longish sweater / kurta over leggings or jeans. Don’t wear one that’s way too big on you – that will just make you look bigger.
  6. Stay away from thin, gauzy T-shirts. Those burnout shirts are cute on the hanger but not so much on a bloated tummy. Right now sturdier fabrics are your best bet.
  7. Show off that neckline. Shirt’s with v-necks are much more better than crewnecks, which shorten your torso. Plus, that’s a part of your body that probably isn’t bloated, so call attention to it.
  8. In general, choose clothes that skim the body but don’t cling. Baggy clothing will make you look bigger, but that doesn’t mean you should squeeze yourself into anything supertight. Give your body some breathing room in clothes that suggest shape.

Remember, that this is a temporary phase! Don’t run out and spend a lot of money on clothes. Find a few cute and inexpensive pieces that work for you, borrow clothes from a mom who’s been through this or a friend who’s a size larger than you are, try on what’s already in your closet to see what works, and put away the stuff that doesn’t make you look and feel good.

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