Eating out when Pregnant – Choosing the right food to order

Simran Oberoi MultaniDiet & Nutrition, Lifestyle, Pregnancy Diet

Depending on what kind of cravings we experience during our pregnancy, we might feel the urge to eat food from outside, several times. While this is natural and can definitely satisfy your cravings, it is important that we put some thought into what we end up eating when we eat at a restaurant or café, so that we remain healthy and safe.

  1. Water based dishes : A lot of times one might want to eat pani puri or even fruit juice from your favourite vendor. However, be aware of the fact that water that is added can be contaminated and unless you are sure of the source, it might be best to avoid water based dishes where water is an additive and not something that has already be boiled when the dish was being cooked.
  2. Cut salads– Salads are very healthy option, but one can never be sure of how clean the raw ingredients of the salad are when they were chopped. Fruits and vegetables that are not washed well can cause food poisoning and given that medication is not a preferred alternative to resolve it during pregnancy, it can cause a high degree of discomfort.
  3. MSG – This specific salt is added in many fast food items and we need to be aware of the same. It should be avoided during pregnancy, so it is best to ask if you think that a particular item contains it. Some restaurants are open to preparing an MSG-free option for you should you want to order it.
  4. Raw food/seafood – Eating raw food or sea-food outside home, can be a big source of stomach infection. It is important to get an idea of what a particular dish contains if you are not able to get an understanding of it from the menu. Raw sea-food can also cause allergic reactions, so it is best to ensure that if you do choose to eat it, please ensure that it is cooked well.
  5. Meats – While chicken is a good source of protein, please do make sure that whenever you order the same outside, it should be cooked entirely. Raw or half /partially cooked chicken can cause a lot of food poisoning. The same applies to all other forms of meats that you might order. Also if you have not tried a specific kind of meat before, trying it out during your pregnancy as a totally new option might not be a good idea.
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