Eating healthy in your third trimester

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In the third trimester, the baby is rapidly gaining weight. You need to consume an extra 200 calories approximately each day to manage and facilitate this growth. The vitamin and protein intake should be high since the babyu2019s development at this stage, requires these. Some guidelines to follow are u2013


Since the baby is gaining weight at this stage and one wants the weight to be optimal, including a protein and iron rich diet that enables that is important. Your regular sources of protein are sufficient for this, such as lentils, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, tofu, fish and so on. But you need to ensure that you might need to monitor the consumption in a way that it is regularized now even if it was not regular earlier.



  1. Eating a variety of nuts is a good snacking option. These are essential for the intake of vitamins and minerals that one needs for the babyu2019s overall growth and immunity building during the 3rd The nuts also help one to remain full without consuming a heavy meal that can then lead to acidity.
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  3. Vegetable soups are a big source of nutrition and you can be experimental with a variety of the seasonal vegetables in order to prevent food boredom from setting in. They also help to keep the fibre intake high and give the baby an opportunity to receive nutrition that different vegetables offer, in one meal itself. They are also easy to prepare if you are staying alone or caring for your own diet single-handedly.
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  5. Eating for two is what many people will advise you about at this stage. While it is important to eat well and not diet during this phase, it is also critical to maintain a balance and stick to a healthy meal plan. Everything that you consume does not lead to a baby with a better birth weight. So be aware of what you eat.
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  7. Vitamins are very critical as this stage for memory development as well as immunity of the growing baby. Some vitamins like Vitamin C are more important than the rest. So do identify which sources of Vitamin C suit you and consume those. These will mainly be fruits such as oranges, strawberries and even kiwi.
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  9. Calcium continues to be an important source for bone formation and strengthening at this stage of the pregnancy. It is also important so that your own calcium levels do not drop drastically since that does happen to a lot of pregnant women and new mothers. So do ensure that this is taken care of through your regular sources of calcium.
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Overall, continuing the healthy eating pattern in this final phase is important with emphasis on the aspects above. These should form your guidelines for the last 3 crucial months as you prepare to have your baby.

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