Diet & Nutrition for your Second Trimester

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While the crucial first trimester might be over, your focus on nutrition and what you eat should not waver. We know the well-known ones such as calcium. But what we don’t usually factor in are the minerals like magnesium, iodine and so on.

Your meal plans should start incorporating ingredients which contain these in case you are not eating them already. Some good sources for these minerals are –

Seeds : Seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin add a high level of the nutrition that you need during this phase, particularly magnesium. They have many benefits and while they can be dry roasted or eaten as is with a sprinkling of salt or seasoning, you can include them in a variety of ways such as add them to yogurt , biscuits or energy bars made at home, to your oats or porridge mix. Some additional seeds that you can also add from time to time are chia seeds, pomegranate seeds and even jeera or cumin seeds.

Steamed greens : The nutritional benefits of steamed greens cannot be stated enough. They have a lot of minerals that can add to your own health as well as the baby’ s growth during this phase. Steaming or light sauteing is the best way to retain their nutritional components. So whether it is spinach,broccoli, green beans are just a few of the options. You can eat them as is with seasoning of your choice or added to something like pasta or noodles made at home.

Dry fruits : The dry fruits are absolutely essential during this phase if you have not started eating them earlier. You should include them as a snack each day in a small proportion if you do not have any form of nut-allergy. They are a significant source of minerals and vitamins to strengthen your immunity as well as facilitate the growth of the baby. So nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisins can easily be consumed as a quick snack or an addition to a salad, cake or biscuits.

Iodine Rich Food : This is important to include in the second trimester so foods like baked potatoes and fruits like strawberries and cranberries are a very good source of iodine for the baby’s development.

Ensuring that these kinds of nutrients are part of the meal plan is absolutely essential in this trimester. Almost all of the above are extremely versatile and hence can be used in many different ways and dishes. So do experiment and explore as per what your flavor preferences are at this stage.

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