Diet & Nutrition for Third Trimester of Pregnancy

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The Third Trimester is a very physically and emotionally challenging period for pregnant woman. You are now at a stage where the life you carrying has taken full form and in the final few weeks leading to bringing that life into this world.

During this very crucial stage of pregnancy, a woman needs lot of care and be on an enhanced diet to feed herself and the baby within. This stage of pregnancy demands that you take up additional 300 calories to fulfill your baby’s needs.This is a period where a woman goes through lots more aches, pain and swelling and hence requires extra care n nutrition.

1.Take your regular dose of Pre-natal Vitamins.

2.Try and stay active as much as comfortably possible.

3.Work the pelvic floor by doing keegel exercises.

4.Diet must be high in fruits, vegetables and low fat full of protein and fiber.

5.Make sure you take starchy carbohydrates at every meal preferably whole grains, bread, cereals, potatoes and rice etc;

6.A healthy intake of low fat dairy products at least two to three times a day to fulfill your need for calcium.

7.Protein rich foods like lean meat, poultry, eggs, fish, nuts, beans, soya, tofu etc are very essential for your n baby’s healthy growth.

8.Eat healthy snacks but limit your intake of sugar rich foods.

9.Look after your teeth and gums as poor dental hygiene may lead to premature labor.

10.Eat enough. Remember you have a fully formed life which you are carrying and the onus of feeding lies with you.

11.Last but not the least take plenty of rest and sound sleep.

Hats off to you brave women, ready to deliver another life into this world. Salute to womanhood.Salute to motherhood. Eat healthy. Deliver healthy.

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