Dancing during pregnancy. Is it safe?

Ashwini MaratheFitness

Yes, dancing during pregnancy is safe! It is one of the ways of keeping you flexible, healthy & stress free.  Not only do you get to groove to music you love, dancing during pregnancy will help you tone your muscles. Even doctors suggest that pregnant women should have some form cardiovascular workout to keep their bodies supple and birthing-ready.

Before you undertake any form of physical activity, it is recommended that you consult your doctor and seek medical advice. The same goes for dancing. If your care provider gives you the green signal, dance as a part your workout routine can definitely relieve muscle soreness. However, in case of complications, some doctors may advice bed rest.

We have 5 amazing benefits of dancing during pregnancy. Let’s get your feet tapping!

1. Flexibility:  Dancing during pregnancy can give you a flexible body – which is much needed to surmount the toll your body is taking as it grows day by day – especially when you are closer to your due date.

2. Muscle toning: Do you want toned muscles? Don’t let pregnancy stop you from achieving a toned body. Embrace dancing and fulfill you aspiration, even while you are pregnant.

3. Maintain your fitness: Dancing is a great way to maintain your fitness levels while you expect for your baby to arrive.

4. Alternative workout option: Not a gym rat? Don’t find enough time to do Yoga or Pilates? Dancing during pregnancy can work out to be a brilliant option for those who find established forms of exercise passe.

5. Better blood circulation: Dancing helps the blood circulation and this works wonders to keep your heart and lungs healthy during pregnancy.

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