Cute Ways to Tell Him You Are Pregnant

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Telling your partner about your pregnancy is a moment neither of you will ever forget. So make it count with these awesome ways to tell him that you are expecting!

1. A Present and a Romantic Dinner

Remember the old story of a man who proposed by putting the engagement ring into the dessert at the end of a nice meal? You can do somewhat of the same thing. Take him out to dinner at a romantic place, fill him with steak and wine, and then hand him a wrapped package – your positive pregnancy test!

2. Surprise Him with Food

Make the day one to remember with foods that will always remind him of the news. For instance, have fortune cookies made with messages that point to the fact he will soon be a dad. Create a pottery plate with the words “You’re going to be a father!” on it, so that he gets to read it when he finishes his dinner. You can even carve the words into a watermelon or other foods that he will see when he sits down at the table.

3. A Bun in the Oven

Men love anything that has to do with food, so why not make him a cinnamon bun – or if he’s a savory type, a hearty whole-grain bun. Place it in the center of the oven on a baking sheet and ask him to tell you what it is. It might take him a minute, but he will figure out that you have a bun in your oven, too!

4. Indulge in “Baby Food”

Cook a dinner that is filled with “baby foods,” such as baby carrots, baby potatoes, baby peas, baby bok choy, and even baby back ribs! When you talk about the food, make sure to mention the “baby” part over and over. To make sure he gets the point, serve him a jar of baby food as a dessert.

5. Propose to Him

Now it’s his turn to be shocked. Find a quiet place, get down on bended knee, and tell him how much he means to you. Then present him with a box that contains your pregnancy test, or something else that you know will convey the importance of the moment. Then ask, “Will you be the father of our baby?”

6. Old-fashioned T-shirt

This is a great way to surprise him with something that he can then use to tell everyone else the news! A “World’s Greatest Dad” shirt can be just the thing to make him get all teary-eyed. Present it to him in a gift box and make a big deal of it. He will wear that shirt with pride!

7. Baby Piggy Bank

Invest in a little piggy bank that says “College Fund” or something similar. Put it on his desk or dresser and wait until he finds it. If he doesn’t notice it at first, make a point of casually dropping change in there when he’s around – make sure it’s coins, so it makes a loud noise when it hits the bottom. He will be sure to ask you what it means, and then you can tell him the good news.

8. Catch It on Video

Ask your husband to smile and say hello to out-of-town relatives on your video camera or webcam movie-maker, and as he is talking, tell him, “Hey, wait…I almost forgot…I’m pregnant!” You will then have the video of his awesome reaction to look at anytime you want to smile.

9. Frame It Up

Take a picture that he will cherish, such as a picture of your positive pregnancy test, a snapshot of your soon-to-be-huge tummy, or even a picture from that very first ultrasound that confirms you are indeed pregnant. You can even take a picture of that “bun in the oven”. Frame it and put it on his desk. He will be blown away!

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