The Correct Posture for Lifting & Holding Your Baby

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There’s no sense in getting your posture right for exercise only to forget all about it in everyday life! Setting up and maintaining good posture is just as importnt for your day-to-dy activities.

You’ve probably noticed that you favo lifting and holding your baby with one arm over the other. It’s only natural.
However this habit increases the possibility of muscle imbalances and common postpartum repetitive-strain injuries,
such as carpal tunnel syndrome. To help balance work and rest time between your nondominant and dominant shoulder, arm,hand and wrist, try these suggestions:

  • Make a point of holding your baby on the side you favor the least often for at least twenty seconds at a time, three times a day.
  • Neutral posture can apply to your wrists, too. Avoid achy wrists or aggravating carpal tunnel syndrome by ensuring that your wrists aren’t bent forward or backward when they don’t need to be. For example, hold your baby so your wrists are straight. The same advice goes for bottle feeding.
  •  To prevent raising one shoulder when cuddling baby, get in the habit of drawing both shoulders away from your ears right after you pick up your baby.
  • If you are holding your baby with, say, just your right arm, reach your left arm across your body to support your right arm. This lets you relax your right wrist a bit, which helps take the pressure of that joint.

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