Childbirth classes: Why they’re important to attend!

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For most pregnant women, the labor and birthing process can be both taxing and joyful. Many women and their partners choose to attend childbirth classes to gather information and lessen their anxiety. Let’s find out how childbirth classes help a mom-to-be!

Positive birthing experience: The role of a qualified childbirth educator is to help create a positive birth experience by making the entire process of pregnancy and motherhood empowering and memorable. In India, the reluctance to embrace childbirth education comes with long-held attitudes like an implicit faith in the generations-old wisdom that frowns upon such classes undertaken by a woman while pregnant.

Isha Jain says that “The fact is certified childbirth classes are a perfect amalgamation of these age-old wisdom and the evidence based science of these practices and hence the couple gets the most appropriate advice on any given topic ranging from pregnancy nutrition, best ways to deal with discomforts of pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum mother-baby care and labor-childbirth which many a times they are either shy to ask their consulting obstetrician/ gynaecologist or because of the lack of time they have with them in each visit.”

Healthier births: Child birthing classes are important in this age is because parents aim for fewer pregnancies and hence healthier births, rise in the nuclear family set-up, women’s expectation and the attention they need in pregnancy, discovering pain management options, increased C-section rates, career-oriented mothers or mothers who are confused with the cultural advice vs doctor’s advice, increased stress and poor eating habits, lack of movements like squat, duck walk etc. which were a norm for our ancestors etc.

Easing into labor: You might have heard from many people that going through labor is painful and a tough experience. There is a lot of negativity associated with labor and childbirth. Not many know that labor pain can be dealt with easily or managed with natural methods. I had a beautiful, natural, memorable and empowering birth in 2014 and have been helping expecting parents to achieve the same with our Proactive 9 program.

One myth needs to be clarified is that having a positive birth experience just doesn’t mean a normal vaginal delivery. No one never knows what is destined for the mother and her baby, because no two labor stories can be similar. Having said that, it is important to be informed and be confident in the entire process of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood which can make even a cesarean birth positive.

To conclude, there is a ton of information available online related to birthing and labor, but it comes to you unfiltered. It is always better to seek guidance from an expert on sensitive topics such as child birth.

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