Can I eat cheese during pregnancy?

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Cheese cravings are very common during pregnancy.

I had a patient who used to get cheese cravings in the middle of the night and she had called me up asking about, ‘Can I eat cheese? I cannot resist!’ Well, I was puzzled with the question. First, because it was in the middle of the night question and second- explaining it on call wasn’t okay because answer could be misleading. This article will help in better understanding about cheese during pregnancy!
Cheese is a very rich source of calcium. But there are different varieties of cheese which are safe and unsafe during pregnancy.

Varieties of cheese which are safe during pregnancy: –
(1) Soft processed cheese made with pasteurized milk.

– Cottage cheese.
– Cream cheese.
– Mozzarella.
– Cheese spread.
– Ricotta.
– Quark.

(2) Hard Cheese

– Caerphilly.
– Cheddar.
– Chesire.
– Parmesan.
– Manchego.

(3) Yogurt

– Probiotic yogurt.
– Greek yogurt.
– Soured cream.
– Natural and flavoured versions of probiotic drinks.

Varieties of cheese which are unsafe during pregnancy: –
(1) Mould-ripened cheese (Pasteurized and unpasteurized)

– Brie
– Blue Brie
– Cambozola

(2) Blue veined cheese

– Danish blue
– Bergader
– Roance
– Tomme.

(3) Soft Unpasteurized cheese

– Goat’s cheese
– Sheep’s cheese
– Pyramide
– Torta Del cesar

There are many types of cheese which are not available in many countries. Whenever you are choosing any variety of cheese for you during pregnancy, go through the names mentioned in this article.

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