The Best Sex Positions for Pregnant Women

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During pregnancy, as your estrogen and progesterone levels rise, they cause changes in your body that boost libido. Pregnancy hormones also increases vaginal lubrication and heightens sensitivity in your breasts and nipples. But the same hormones can also work against you, especially in the beginning when nausea and fatigue sets in. Where does this leave you when it comes to Sex ? Our advice will help you relax and enjoy your sex life.

Sex is safe during pregnancy

Yes, sex is safe during pregnancy. As long as you are having a normal pregnancy, you can have sex as often as you like. If you are wondering whether having sex will hurt the baby, you need not. There’s typically no chance of hurting the baby during sex because the amniotic fluid and your cervix protect him.

What are the best sex positions for pregnant women

Here are some ideas to get you started:

“Missionary” position

If you try missionary position after the first trimester, put a pillow under you so you’re tilted, not flat on your back. And make sure your partner supports himself so his weight isn’t on your belly.

You on top

The woman on top position can work throughout your pregnancy. Straddle your partner as he lies on his back. This will ensure that there’ll be no weight on your abdomen and you can control the depth of penetration.


Lie side by side with your partner behind you. This makes for more shallow penetration, which might be a good thing, because deep thrusts can become uncomfortable in later months of pregnancy. Keep some pillows handy for extra support as your pregnancy progresses.

Doggy style

Support yourself on your knees and elbows as your partner kneels and enters from behind. A pillow can provide needed tummy support. You can also make this position a part of your living room love. Kneel on a couch with your belly facing the back of it and use your arms for support.
On a chair

Hold your partner as he sits on a sturdy chair. Position the chair near a wall or another piece of furniture to lean on when you’re ready to get up from this position.

Edge of the bed

Shift your bottom to the side or foot of the bed and lie back with your knees bent. (After the first trimester, put a pillow under one side so you’re not completely flat on your back.) Depending on the height of the bed, your partner can kneel or stand for penetration.

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