Benefits of Breathing Exercises During Pregnancy

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Let’s take a deep breath. There is a lot of myth surrounding breathing exercises during pregnancy, so much so that some feel it’s the only technique that  helps get through labor in a painless way. We need to understand that breathing exercises calm your nerves but need to be perfected to extract the maximum benefit.

There are many benefits of learning the different techniques of breathing during pregnancy and birth. In this blog, we will discuss the the benefits of breathing exercises during pregnancy:

  1. As your baby grows, your body requires more oxygen to function at its optimum level. Your baby too needs appropriate oxygen to grow properly. Shallow breathing is not sufficient to provide the body with ample oxygen. But with breathing exercises, your body will get the right supply of oxygen it needs.
  2. By learning breathing exercises, you can stay calm and de-stress. This relieves anxiety and stress associated with the whole pregnancy experience.
  3. Deep breathing provides relief from achy joints and muscles. Simply because the more deeper your breathe, the more oxygen your body gets.
  4. Breathing helps you  manage your contractions and labor pain better. The one thing most pregnant women dread is labor. But if you practice breathing exercises regularly, labor won’t be such a huge battle. It will allow you to stay calm. Most importantly, these exercises will help you stay ‘present’ during your pregnancy and labor; thus allowing you to enjoy the miracle that’s childbirth.

Bottom line is: You need to breathe right to enjoy your pregnancy. Not just that, you’ll need lot of deep breathing during the tough, stressful days that will follow! If you want to learn breathing exercises for a smooth pregnancy, you and your partner can join a local birthing class. Or you can even find some videos online and take a short online course.

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