Are Carbs good for Pregnancy?

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If there was one thing you would thank god for, it would be the gift of pregnancy. The moment the doctor puts that squiggly little thing having life into your arms, you immediately forget all the pain you’ve gone through all those months, all the things you’ve had to sacrifice to enjoy this beautiful moment.

It’s a feeling you experience once in a lifetime and something you ought to feel proud about. As it was all you who made this bundle of joy. So why would you want to risk it with some fancy diet just because you’re trying to compete with your gym partner? Not worth it at all because remember you have a little person inside you who is at a bigger risk than you.

I don’t seem to understand the word ‘fat’ especially at a stage like this.It is pretty normal to put on a couple of pounds and have your cravings. Once you deliver your baby, you have all the time in the world to shed them off so don’t be reckless and cause more problems for yourself and others around.

The most common kind of diet everyone is talking about is the low carbohydrate diet. The most ridiculous kind if you ask us. Did you know that low carbohydrate diets tend to be high in fats and will deprive your baby from vitamins and minerals which are needed for its development? It can affect the baby’s weight and how it develops.

Usually when you stick to low carbohydrate diet, you tend to eat more proteins which in turn have its own side effects causing kidney stones.They also tend to increase the level of toxins in your blood and how much ever you try exercising, these acids don’t come out. If you’re trying to eat healthier, it is more advisable to go for whole grains and stay away from high sugary and fatty foods. It will definitely benefit you in more ways you can think of and remember you need complex carbohydrates in your diet.

So do yourself a favor and embrace your fat. It’s not worth going on a low carbohydrate diet just because you don’t like your body. Remember your unborn child is at risk too.

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