7 Ways to stay fit this Diwali

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Diwali, the festival of lights brings prosperity to everyone and lights up our lives. Not just Diwali, but every Indian festival is incomplete without sweets and family dining. Sometimes you end up having more than required and your diet goes for a toss. As the Diwali festive season is approaching, it is important to remember that when you enjoy the moments of celebration and sharing with your family, avoiding excess calories is going to be difficult. At times, you might not get a chance to squeeze in your workout and you start feeling miserable.

Just so that you are prepared for the festive season, we have come up with 7 Ways to stay fit this Diwali:

  1. Cut down on calories wherever you can: Instead of opting for a heavy breakfast laden with sweets, have something light and low calorie so that you can eat festive food later in the evening. Stick to one cup of tea everyday – that will cut down your sugar intake. Or you could opt for green tea / coconut water – this will definitely aid in easy digestion of high calorie sweets.  You could also switch to lemon water, fresh juice, or jaljeera as your festive beverage choice.
  2. Prepare nutritious version of your sweets:  Make use of ingredients like low fat / skimmed milk, low sugar products and other dairy products to make sweets and snacks. Use olive oil or pure ghee instead of sunflower oil or Vanaspati ghee. When it comes to preparing savory snacks, try baking your samosas, or opting for low fat / diet chivda. Instead of frying your food, adopt alternative methods of cooking like baking, grilling, roasting or steaming your food.
  3. Portion control: Moderation is the key to enjoy festive food and to keep the weighing scales in balance.  Cut down on your meal portions. A simple tips is to eat in a smaller plate. Include citrus fruits, melons and papaya in your diet. Include high fiber foods like raw salad, sprouts, fruits which save you from frequent hunger pangs. And you can control yourself eating junk. Avoid aerated drinks, alcohol or bread – these are empty calories.
  4. Make wise choices: Choose low calorie sweets like shrikhand, phirni, kheer, brown rice pudding, rasmalai instead of gulab jamun, jalebi, barfi, or moti choor ladoos. Choose your evening snack wisely – opt for dahi vada, khakra, chana chat instead of deep fried snacks.
  5. Stay hydrated:  When it is snack time during festivals, drink a glass of water. A glass of water will make your stomach partially full. As a result you will eat less; this will help to minimize the calorie intake. Also, water keeps you hydrated throughout the day and aid the much needed recovery process.
  6. Get some exercise: We know its tough to stick to your workout routine during the festive season. But it does not give you the liberty to completely skip your workouts. Burn calories by including some form of exercise into your daily festive grind – choose local transport and walk if the distance to your relatives house is less. Try to get in a quick jog or take the stairs whenever you have the opportunity to do so.
  7. Make the right gifting choices:  Gift dry fruits or fruit baskets which are healthy substitute and rich in antioxidants instead of ladoos, barfi  or other high calorie sweets. If you care for what your friends and families eat, they will care about your health.

Follow our  tips that can help you get through even the heaviest, richest of sweets. Enjoy the festive season and but keep in mind that health always comes first! Wish you compliments of the season!

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