5 tips to feed your child the best in the womb

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We always want our kids to have the best of everything!!! The first step towards implementing it begins right in the mother’s womb. Although genetics play a very important role in determining the overall health of the baby, good nutrition can do wonders in building up a good immune system and general well being of the baby.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in any woman’s life but is equally very challenging. Every woman knows the basic do’s and don’ts with regards to nutrition but the question is…How many of us are actually able to follow it?
Blame it on the lifestyle, culture and tradition of the family or the aversions/cravings during the pregnancy..the fact is that most of us do not end up having the kind of diet we dream of in this beautiful phase. Sometimes even knowingly we binge on the wrong foods as our fluctuating hormones, the changes in the body, coupled with the cravings and a busy lifestyle leave us with no choice!!

So now the question is…what do we do about it?

Here is the to do list which can help us to eat better and help our baby get a healthy diet right from the womb

1) Stock it right – you are likely to binge into the wrong foods if you have them easily available. Stock your kitchen with fruits, nuts, roasted chana, carrots, curd, cottage cheese, milk. These are ready to eat and power packed with fibre and vitamins essential during pregnancy.


2) Carry well – When going out, pack your tiffins with oranges, peaches, sprouts, dates, eggs, raisins, walnuts. They are easy to carry, have a longer shelf life and are best to satisfy your in between meals hunger pangs.

3) Compact wholesome meals – considering the busy lifestyle coupled with the lethargy that sets in during pregnancy, women find it difficult to make different varieties of food at a time. It is advisable to have compact meals which are complete in itself. These include khichadi, veg pulao, veg pan cakes, different parathas with curd, vegetable dahlia. Such meals provide protein, fibre and a wide range of nutrients essential for pregnancy.

4) Go green – make sure to include green leafy vegetables in your diet in any form. They are good sources of folic acid, fiber and b6 which are very important to maintain a healthy pregnancy all throughout. They also help in relieving constipation, a common complication during pregnancy.



5) Include seeds – have a tsp of sunflower seeds or flax seeds daily as they are rich sources of omega 3, fatty acids – a vital nutrient essential for the proper growth and development of the baby.

Let’s give our babies the best we can !!

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