5 Nutrients to have in your first month of pregnancy

Simran Oberoi MultaniDiet & Nutrition, Pregnancy Diet

The first month of pregnancy can be very overwhelming and you might be suddenly worried about the deluge of nutrition related information that surrounds you. While we need these nutrients in our food regularly and throughout the pregnancy period, there are some which play a bigger role in certain months, while others that have a role to play in other months.

Therefore, it is critical to eat healthy but getting an idea of what are the important nutrients at each stage helps you to balance, plan and prioritize better.

Here are some insights on that – this is an indicative list and not exhaustive. There will be many more nutrients which you can add to this.
1. Folic Acid – This is a well-known fact that folic acid has a key role to play in the initial phase of pregnancy. Therefore foods like broccoli, eggs, beans, oranges, potatoes and so on, can be used to supplement your intake of the same.

2. Iron Rich – Iron rich food like dates, chickpeas, soya, green leafy vegetables should be a part of your regular meals in the first month so that you can ensure that you do not develop any form of iron deficiency or anaemia.

3. Calcium – Loss of calcium in the bones and development of the bones of the baby are two important things that take place in early stages of pregnancy. So having food that contains calcium is extremely important for your well-being and health.

4. Vitamin B12 – Many women have a deficiency of this vitamin and so intake of food that will help keep this at optimal levels is important. It is typically present in dairy products like milk and eggs, and meat or fish.

5. Omega-3 – This is important for many developmental aspects of the baby and hence including this into your meals plan is important. Walnuts and fish are two great sources of this nutrient.

Also, it is important to know what not to eat once you discover your pregnancy– Packaged or Processed food and raw seafood might not be suitable to include in your diet. Processed foods contain MSG in many instances and hence the better approach would be to continue with freshly prepared food. Similarly, raw seafood can cause allergies or reactions which might be troubling during your pregnancy and hence avoiding it is the best approach from the beginning.

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