5 exercises that you should make a part of your daily routine in pregnancy

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Our body needs physical activity to stay fit and healthy. It helps us in staying young and minimizes the risk of many harmful and dangerous diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. It is one of the vital and requirements of our body. Exercise is important for people of all ages which include pregnant ladies as well. When a woman conceives a child, then it is assumed by many people that the health of both the mother and the child can be affected by any physical activity or exercise. Therefore, they should rest. But it is nothing like that. Instead, if a woman doesn’t do proper yet simple and easy exercise then she might get overweight post-delivery and the weight then gained is hard to lose. It is also vital for them to keep some points in their mind while doing any physical activity. There are some special exercises for pregnant ladies which help them in staying fit in that phase. Some of which are as follows

1- Yoga

It is a simple and an easy exercise. It does not consume your energy at all but still helps in keeping you healthy and fit. If a woman does yoga regularly during her pregnancy, then she might have a leg up during her labour and delivery which means that she will have to go through less pain and labour while giving birth to a child.

2- Core Twist

One of the biggest problems a woman faces during her pregnancy phase which after it becomes even more severe is the back pain. This is not something which cannot be treated. Its treatment is elementary. All you have to do is an exercise called the core twist during pregnancy almost ten times daily.

3- Stress releasing exercise

During this phase, a woman goes through many psychological issues. She might feel uncomfortable and stressed at the time. And it is unhealthy for both the mother and the child to be that the woman is stressed in such circumstances. To keep her calm and tension free, there is certain exercise which can keep her relaxed. Spine Aligner can work out in this situation. In it, you have to stand tall, and your back should be against the wall. Your heels, hips, shoulders, and head should touch the wall. Then take slow breaths and pull your belly in and up.

4- Align your spine

This exercise can help you in removing many sorts of body pains and tiredness. Inversion table too can be helpful to perform simple and easy tasks, which consume no or less energy of yours.

5- A regular walk

It is also important for a pregnant woman as this helps her in staying fir and also in losing the weight easily after giving birth to a child.


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