4 Exercises to Fight Nausea in your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Anjali SharmaFitness, Prenatal Exercises

For some women, the nausea goes away in the first trimester of pregnancy, and some women never even get nauseous, but for many women it goes on and on.

If you are still fighting nausea in your second trimester, working out can really help you feel better. Here are 4 Exercises to fight nausea in your second trimester of pregnancy:

  1. Keep walking: Walking is one of the best ways to get aerobic exercise throughout pregnancy. It’s great for you but it doesn’t stress your joints like running, which is especially important as you gain weight. On tired days, you can stroll around your neighbourhood. For a more vigorous workout, try walking on the treadmill at an incline. Try to walk or get some kind of aerobic exercise at least three times per week.
  2. Start swimming: Whether o not you swim for exercise, it is one of the best ways to get moving while you’re pregnant. As you get heavier, your feet and joints take a beating, but when you get into the water you will feel practically weightless.Swim some easy laps, use a kickboard, or try water jogging. Swimming is great because it works out every muscle in your body and doesn’t make you overheated.
  3. Yoga: You might want to try out pre-natal yoga in your second trimester.You should avoid or modify postures in which falling is a risk. Yoga improves your breathing and develops your ability to work through physically challenging situations.
  4. Light Weight Training: Work your arms with light weights or resistance bands. For shoulders, do shoulder presses with very light weight. For triceps, stand on the middle of a resistance band and hold the ends in your hands. Extend your arms behind you, then slowly bend your elbows and then extend them again.
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