3 Ways to Stay Romantic in the Third Trimester

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During the third trimester of pregnancy, not many women really feel romantic in the traditional sense of the word. But don’t let that stand in the way of having as much couple time as possible. You need that, and your husband or partner can go a long way toward bonding with the baby, through you, by taking the time to slow down and be a part of this process. So we really advise just spending as much time together as possible-comfortably of course.

Here are 3Ways to stay romantic in the third trimester of your pregnancy:

1.Watch movies online: We recommend NetFlix or On Demand movies on YouTube. By your third trimester you might feel uncomfortable in the theater, trying to sit through a whole movie. The heart-burn and the back pain can be bad enough, and If you are self-conscious about being all fidgety, or interrupting other peoples movie experience, it might cause you some mental stress. At-home movies resolve all those issues. You can pause as often as you want to go to the bathroom, or get another snack, or even watch the movie standing up if you wish.

2. Dress comfortably & choose places to visit where you feel at home:  This doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. Just don’t think you need to wear four-inch heels and skinny jeans. Hit your favorite restaurants – the ones where you know you’ll be comfortable. This is a great time to enjoy all the things you may miss for a while after the baby is born, such a night out, a chef preparing your meal, and talking to your husband over candlelight.

3. Spend time with your other child: If you have another child, spend lots of time with him and have some adventures. You can take your kid to do some of his favorite things, like swimming or visiting the nearby park. Make sure you also included your kid in your discussions about your baby’s arrival, so they was prepared for the next stage.

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