3 Power Moms and the Benefits of Yoga on their Pregnancy

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In a previous post here on Fit Moms, we discussed the benefits of yoga during pregnancy, emphasizing how it can minimize the discomfort that could come along with carrying a child. Here, we’ll take a look at the experiences of famous moms who’ve experienced seeing these benefits firsthand.

1. Serena Williams: Easier delivery

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Jaws dropped when Serena Williams revealed on social media that she was pregnant, because a quick look at the calendar told everyone that she had just won her 23rd Grand Slam title with a baby growing in her belly. Everyone got excited, but also worried—is this okay, or would it be detrimental to the child?

On top of her tennis training, Williams is known to have a steady yoga practice. Where tennis along with Serena’s other training regimes allows her body to stay in top shape while pregnant, keeping it strong—yoga draws the body inward, helping to keep it from going too far.

In a feature on Serena’s pregnancy published by INews, NHS doctor Dawn Harper explains that the intensity of Serena’s training serves to maintain her level of fitness before pregnancy, and definitely far from exceeds it. She points out that moms who commit to staying fit while pregnant can expect their labor to be much easier both on the their mind and body on the big day.

2. Lena Headey: Weight control

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With the Game of Thrones franchise proving to be such a huge global hit, it has inspired everything from merchandise to video games. One of the most notable digital titles has come from Slingo who released the Game of Thrones slot game, proving that the HBO series is unrivaled in terms of its sheer popularity across a multitude of industries.

The pressure the show puts on its stars season upon season must be tremendous. This certainly rings true for Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister—a character who has never fallen in significance from the show’s very first episode in 2011 all the way to its upcoming final season.

Headey was pregnant while filming the show’s fifth season in 2015, which means that she needed to stay in shape even during and after her pregnancy. She’s known to be a huge boxing enthusiast, but as an article on Foods 4 Better Health emphasizes, it was combining the challenging sport with serious yoga practice that has helped keep her from putting on weight before, during, and after carrying her second child.

3. Hilaria Baldwin: Overall health

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Famous fitness expert and yoga teacher Hilaria Baldwin swears by prenatal yoga, explaining that its benefits are felt way before mom delivers the baby. In an interview with Parents.com, she points out that yoga does wonders for alleviating pain in the hips, lower back, and feet, as well as eliminating restless leg syndrome, which most women experience especially upon entering their second trimester. Maintaining the body’s alignment during pregnancy through yoga also promotes spine health, and helps keep the mind stable amidst the various hormonal changes in these emotionally sensitive months.

Finally, while having a strong core and ample flexibility certainly help with labor, they also enable expectant moms to stay independent while pregnant, able to move around and take on important tasks.

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